General Instructions


We will use Python for all assignments in this course along with the PyTorch 3D platform. A crash course on the Python programming language and Google Colab is the Stanford CS231n Tutorial.

If you’re using Google Colab, you just need to have a google account and an associated Google Drive.

In case you’re choosing to work locally in your machine you must set Anaconda or a Venv virtual environment, and install the necessary libraries.

Create a folder in your Google Drive or in your machine’s workspace. Copy to your drive folder or download the assignment notebook.

Follow the instructions in the notebook for completing the assignment.

You can build auxiliary .py scripts and call them from your notebook, for organizational purposes.


Students should send their assignments through Brightspace on or before the due date. Late deliveries will be consider subject to a lower score.

The assignment can be structured and sent in two ways:

- If your whole solution is implemented in the same notebook as the one provided for the assignment, then you can send just the .ipynb file as the solution.

- If parts of your implementation were done in auxiliary .py scripts, then you must send both the final notebook and the scripts inside a .zip file. The organization of the code will also be considered in the evaluation.

References and other useful contents:

  1. PyTorch Tutorial: Training a Classifier
  2. Stanford CS231n Python / Colab: Tutorial.